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anonymous /gist:2919336
Created Jun 12, 2012

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1: ip-10-77-33-XX.ec2.internal 0.095ms
1: ip-10-77-32-XX.ec2.internal 0.643ms asymm 2
1: ip-10-77-32-XX.ec2.internal 0.369ms asymm 2
2: ip-10-1-56-XX.ec2.internal 9.551ms
3: ip-10-1-50-XX.ec2.internal 0.620ms
4: ip-10-1-34-XX.ec2.internal 0.526ms asymm 2
5: ip-10-196-51-XX.ec2.internal 0.448ms reached
Resume: pmtu 1500 hops 5 back 61
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