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Created Nov 7, 2016

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Python Flow Field Modeling: Example 1
# Math and plotting libraries:
import sympy
from sympy.physics.vector import *
from sympy import Curve, line_integrate, E, ln, diff
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Establish coordinates for calculus
R = ReferenceFrame('R')
x, y = R[0], R[1]
# Establish coordinates for plots
X,Y = np.meshgrid(np.arange(-10,11), np.arange(-10,11))
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Turn a 2-D vector to a tuple
def vector_components(vectorField):
return (,
# Apply a field to a discrete set of points X, Y
def discretize_field(field):
computeVector = sympy.lambdify((x,y), field)
return computeVector(X,Y)
def plot_streamlines(vectorField):
data = discretize_field(vector_components(vectorField))
plt.streamplot(X, Y, data[0], data[1], density=2, linewidth=1, arrowsize=2, arrowstyle='->')
# Return a scalar potential function of a vector field
def integrateGradient(gradientField):
return sympy.integrate(, x) + sympy.integrate(, y).subs(x,0)
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# The given vector field. (Read R.x and R.y like the unit vectors i-hat and j-hat.)
u, v = (-2*y * (1-x**2)), (2*x * (1-y**2))
velocity = u*R.x + v*R.y
# Plot the vector field:
# Find the stagnation points.
# The solve(v) function gives solutions for v = 0
stagPoints = sympy.solve(vector_components(velocity), [x,y]);
for (x_point,y_point) in stagPoints:
plt.scatter(x_point, y_point, color='#CD2305', s=80, marker='o')
# Does the field satisfy conservation of mass for an incompressible flow?
print "The divergence of the field is", divergence(velocity, R), "."
# Is it a potential flow?
print "The vorticity of the field is", curl(velocity, R), "."
# Find the stream function
u, v =,
streamField = u * R.y - v * R.x
print "Stream function", integrateGradient(streamField)
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