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anonymous /gist:37f3b1c58d6616cab756 Secret
Created Mar 25, 2015

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-- configuration - edit to your liking
wp_index = 1
wp_timeout = 10
wp_path = "/path/to/wallpapers/"
wp_files = { "01.jpg", "02.jpg", "03.jpg" }
-- setup the timer
wp_timer = timer { timeout = wp_timeout }
wp_timer:connect_signal("timeout", function()
-- set wallpaper to current index for all screens
for s = 1, screen.count() do
gears.wallpaper.maximized(wp_path .. wp_files[wp_index], s, true)
-- stop the timer (we don't need multiple instances running at the same time)
-- get next random index
wp_index = math.random( 1, #wp_files)
--restart the timer
wp_timer.timeout = wp_timeout
-- initial start when rc.lua is first run
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