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Created September 30, 2016 13:39
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Changes in OpenStack-Ansible between 13.3.1 and 13.3.4

OpenStack-Ansible Diff Generator

This report shows changes from 13.3.1 to 13.3.4 in OpenStack-Ansible.

This report also includes the changes that were made in OpenStack projects and OpenStack-Ansible roles between these two OpenStack-Ansible commits.


32 commits were found in openstack-ansible from 13.3.1 to 13.3.4:

e3e60b18 Fix link for lxc-openstack.apparmor.j2
d97b0d17 Docs: Fixed double "that" in docs
ac86e5b1 Retain apt sources options during host bootstrap
42b2a79c load variables as a simple var for upgrades
731164f7 Restart OS services when symlinks are created
98eef32f Update SHA for openstack_openrc role
c665a0e1 Reduce minimum data disk size for the AIO to 55GB
622fc94a Use correct version when creating backup dir
de1a22b3 Make the file name for user_secrets a variable
777d5bf2 Update all SHAs for 13.3.4
98c7625e glance_api_servers must contain a valid url with protocol
d3262bbc Fix ml2 ports after an upgrade
41eb5b56 Add hostname adjustment to liberty>mitaka upgrades
9e0df00b Fixed hosts inclusion when requiring the lxc_hosts role
b472da53 is considered as tested now
3854ba60 Fix broken group_vars for LBaaSv2/Horizon
24db19ef Update lxc_container_create role SHA
ef9e979e Update os_tempest role SHA
f2f83177 Update all SHAs for 13.3.3
339d3534 Limit LXC hosts playbook to container hosts only
c20771ac Update os_neutron role SHA
a77116ea [DOCS] Updated the manual upgrade documentation
d3aaab47 Set default/fix version numbers in upgrade script
39add3f0 Remove pip.conf during upgrade on all hosts
00901b04 Print remaining tasks on failed upgrade correctly
2aca7ff6 Add releasenote forgotten in recent role pin update
a7615d87 Bump keystone_git_install_branch SHA
f12a0fbb Update role pins
a34a5df2 Fix rabbitmq issues in script
be557e82 Update all SHAs for 13.3.2
4aab8d09 Better control of mariadb restarts in upgrades
2756d54b Split package update/install commands

OpenStack-Ansible Roles


No commits were found in apt_package_pinning between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


2 commits were found in pip_install from 782da43a to a20cc9a4:

a20cc9a4 Move required and pip packages lists into an ansible task
63882747 Install required packages for get_url module


No commits were found in pip_lock_down between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


1 commit was found in galera_client from 4f743109 to 08471c80:

08471c80 Add ignore_errors to fix minor bug with fallback source for apt-key.


1 commit was found in galera_server from 7139fd2c to af8e44dc:

af8e44dc remove compact option from xtrabackup


No commits were found in keepalived between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


3 commits were found in lxc_container_create from 7fe875d9 to 7df1722b:

cf9cf7e0 Fix incorrect galera logs bind mount bug
aded6993 Fix tag typo
9cbae3e4 Allow a deployer to disable container restarts


No commits were found in lxc_hosts between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


No commits were found in memcached_server between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


5 commits were found in openstack-ansible-security from 373a03eb to ca9b7dec:

ca9b7dec Disable DAC change auditing
775f6415 Disable martian logging by default
a3290341 Exclude /run from AIDE checks
c16d1178 Ensure AIDE initializes on subsequent runs
e0d0e368 Fix numbering on V-38583


No commits were found in openstack_hosts between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


2 commits were found in os_keystone from cc50cb1e to 4f30d3a3:

4f30d3a3 Force a restart of all the apache nodes during upgrade
1432dea6 Disable stderr logging


1 commit was found in openstack_openrc from c5a661bc to 69ff7971:

69ff7971 Add alias for OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE


1 commit was found in os_aodh from dc6b2380 to 0c80b7c0:

0c80b7c0 Disable stderr logging


1 commit was found in os_ceilometer from 48630e2c to 3a24b01d:

3a24b01d Disable stderr logging


3 commits were found in os_cinder from 6ae8302a to de29bf7e:

de29bf7e Fix cinder role condition when no cinder_volumes
77f138e8 Disable stderr logging
c4eae355 Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2016-08-01


1 commit was found in os_glance from 66ebe4c5 to ec9ae091:

ec9ae091 Disable stderr logging


2 commits were found in os_heat from 4a4b9ae0 to dcff3d07:

dcff3d07 Disable stderr logging
f1023388 Use keystone library for heat_stack_domain_admin


3 commits were found in os_horizon from 6048f16c to b585f3eb:

b585f3eb Simplify bool check for LBaaSv2/Horizon
76c0c81b Add variable override for OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_ROLES
252fa22d Compile locale to be able to change language


1 commit was found in os_ironic from a6e7556c to 03443e4d:

03443e4d Disable stderr logging


2 commits were found in os_neutron from ba7b2c88 to f8b0389d:

f8b0389d Update plumgrid plugin installation from pip to deb
5a53856c Disable stderr logging


2 commits were found in os_nova from e4d793ef to 34446081:

34446081 Fix race condition when configuring the qemu save directory
bd83209c Disable stderr logging


2 commits were found in os_swift from f2e3c777 to c4c8a9c3:

c4c8a9c3 Point auditor service at the replicator config
79638f57 Disable stderr logging


3 commits were found in os_tempest from 13edcc09 to a8b32c72:

a8b32c72 Fix tempest neutron setup tasks
87a83da4 Allow tempest network overrides for public and private net
81b2bdbd Disable stderr logging


1 commit was found in plugins from 450d972f to 620c64e3:

620c64e3 Add user and project login domains to keystone


1 commit was found in rabbitmq_server from afe37cfc to 7ac8e586:

7ac8e586 Add collect_statistics_interval, rates_mode in rabbitmq.config template


No commits were found in repo_build between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


No commits were found in repo_server between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


1 commit was found in rsyslog_client from ea665c97 to 3bcfed8a:

3bcfed8a Prevent syslog leakage


No commits were found in rsyslog_server between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


No commits were found in sshd between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.

OpenStack Projects


3 commits were found in ceilometer from 1b78aab8 to 10639a42:

94d7bfca Use trusts in Heat integration test
54a30501 consumes error notif. when event are disabled
0e0fe559 Refactor floatingip pollster to use discovery


5 commits were found in aodh from 0a0a02aa to aa2c3136:

ba9d8687 Restore trust workaround for legacy auth
1d49832b Limit Happybase to < 1.0.0
8b46d8a7 trust: add missing project for v2 auth
b99b757f Handles trust with auth-type password-aodh-legacy
03934486 Fix trust notifier


2 commits were found in keystone from f8c65c10 to 3a1e41fe:

3a1e41fe Add dummy domain_id column to cached role
176cbf25 Fix the username value in federated tokens


11 commits were found in cinder from 0d22ead7 to de954d04:

de954d04 Fixes consistency snapshot creation
2a7da4f6 Updated from global requirements
0ea086e1 Add support for force backup for Nimble Storage
3cfe6bdb Imported Translations from Zanata
9f59a3a0 Handle snapshot delete conflict in 3par driver
55a668de Ignore case when comparing wwns in Pure FC driver
f45d02ba Fix volume upload-to-image for vhd disk-format
f9a5424a Add proxy config option to google backup driver
5f45e036 Implement match-set type 3PAR FC VLUN creation
00e9cf1c 3par driver handles concurrent host create conflict
911ee412 volume upload-to-image fails for iso disk-format


4 commits were found in requirements from bcdf5395 to 5cc4e35e:

5cc4e35e Block PyMySQL 0.7.7
c8674664 Cap openstack-doc-tools to < 1.0.0
025e2207 [mitaka] update upper-constraint for saharaclient
634c43b5 Use oslo.db 4.7.1 in upper-constraints.txt


No commits were found in neutron_vpnaas between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


No commits were found in neutron_fwaas between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


33 commits were found in neutron from 803cc36f to c73269fa:

2d1da356 Implement check_vlan_transparency to return True in SR-IOV mech driver
f004b76f Updated from global requirements
e5fb8e9a DVR: Cleanup the stale snat redirect rules in router namespace
c4041daa Add flush command to iproute in ip_lib
010559ce Fix internal server error during updating QoS rule
f451c6c0 Refer to correct global_physnet_mtu option instead of segment_mtu
d5601642 L3 DVR: use fanout when sending dvr arp table update
c8d5562c Suppresses a warning when no agents are configured
cf3009a9 Allow auto-addressed ips deletion on port update
a08fecc9 Set secure fail mode for physical bridges
212f09f2 Imported Translations from Zanata
dcea3f34 Pass timeout in milliseconds to timer_wait
1845a1ed Fix code that's trying to read from a stale DB object
06bfaedc Handle deleted ports when creating a list of fdb entries
3f02209b L3 agent: check router namespace existence before delete
b1f3da7c BGP: exclude legacy fip in DVR fip host routes query
6e5892da DVR: Clean stale snat-ns by checking its existence when agent restarts
035be791 Partial revert "DVR: Fix issue of SNAT rule for DVR with floating ip"
bebb891e Restore old assert_ping behavior
d57fd0a4 Fix for check_vlan_transparency on mech drivers not called
10532404 DVR: Fix issue of SNAT rule for DVR with floating ip
a98b6ebe Wait for vswitchd to add interfaces in native ovsdb
f49a25c0 ovsdb: Don't let block() wait indefinitely
55a35196 Filter HA router without HA port bindings after race conditions
e0f46f19 Don't load DNS integration in l3_router_plugin
43ac3a1f Added test cases for DVR L3 schedulers.
bf5b8caf Don't use exponential back-off for report_state
505c58d7 Fix broken URL in Mitaka Neutron release note
7238c8e1 Avoid duplicate ipset processing for security groups
65e3639b Fix update of shared QoS policy
8b5d04ff Add setting default max_burst value if not given by user
3ce30534 Fix help message for external_network_bridge
1d714c35 Change get_root_helper_child_pid to stop when it finds cmd


21 commits were found in nova from b77a77d4 to 611efbe7:

bd743da6 Add networks to quota's update json-schema when network quota enabled
daf281f9 Return None in get_instance_id_by_floating_address
c7b26646 Run shelve/shelve_offload_instance in a semaphore
8f20e706 HyperV: remove instance snapshot lock
5d7a23e7 List instances for secgroup without joining on rules
2df5ef79 Use stashed volume connector in _local_cleanup_bdm_volumes
82190bdd Fix multipath iSCSI encrypted volume attach failure
53314c49 Don't raise error when filtering on custom metadata
676732b4 VMware: enable a resize of instance with no root disk
32a9d01c Fix NoSuchOptError when referring to conf.neutron.auth_plugin
cf94540c pci: add safe-guard to __eq__ of PciDevice
c455c82d Don't immediately null host/node when shelving
2703a3d8 Evaluate 'task_state' in resource (de)allocation
9a970478 Return HTTP 200 on list for invalid status
9228bb5b Handle keypair not found from metadata server
57638a8c virt/hardware: Fix 'isolate' case on non-SMT hosts
26364b20 libvirt: release serial console ports when destroying guests
4a9c4343 libvirt: Fix ssh driver to to prevent prompting
9f1bc4c4 network: Fix nova boot with multiple security-groups
84d5697c network: make nova to handle port_security_enabled=False
0c4fc781 Live migration failure in API leaves VM in MIGRATING state


No commits were found in swift between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


3 commits were found in neutron_lbaas from 799b93e0 to 3cf4a7cf:

3cf4a7cf Set HTTP status code to 409 for LBs in PENDING*
32e2ad97 Allow setting "insecure" in neutron_lbaas.conf
680998ee Allow tox to be run with python 3


2 commits were found in ironic from 467d880e to a632e9be:

018e0615 IPMINative: Check the boot mode when setting the boot device
f38c6451 IPMITool: Check the boot mode when setting the boot device


No commits were found in neutron_lbaas_dashboard between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


No commits were found in tempest between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


3 commits were found in glance from a79d402a to 9a601414:

9a601414 Updated from global requirements
8ac92c72 Imported Translations from Zanata
ab4519f9 Version negotiation api middleware to include v2.3


14 commits were found in heat from 656ac73c to ed465621:

ed465621 Validate that python3 is ready for loguserdata
55fc41a3 Override client() for RoleAssignment resources
13aaa7e7 Fix iteration in floatingip's add dependencies method
97d8f9c3 Don't pass value_specs when creating internal port
a6878eea Perform str_replace trying to match longest string first
816dc3ad Correct filters for resource search
b74e6382 Unit tests: Use Properties objects instead of dicts
ea8d94ae Fix building query key for ceilometer alarm
4c5a8714 Alias UpdateReplace in its rightful location
5ec7f127 Don't create an "update task" inside a try block
c3ac439e Use Fedora 24 base image
b9ef9fdb Fix str_split function when string is None
12e31c8a Always use upper-constraints
387049f5 oslo config clients_xxx enabled for all supported services


No commits were found in novncproxy between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.


8 commits were found in horizon from 1417b220 to 4ca41467:

9c51d655 Don't call exceptions.handle() outside of an except clause
3dea56b7 Do not send shared param when not allowed.
db01b64c Imported Translations from Zanata
6da6aa32 Imported Translations from Zanata
4d5e00d5 Revert "Router namespace not created in controller".
4b232c46 Modified Instance Form Submit behavior.
8c34a00b Add valuable exports to openstack RC file download
68d22660 Fix issue with some modals are missing backdrop


No commits were found in spicehtml5 between the OpenStack-Ansible commits provided.

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