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Created Aug 31, 2014
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# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# noatime turns off atimes for increased performance (atimes normally aren't
# needed); notail increases performance of ReiserFS (at the expense of storage
# efficiency). It's safe to drop the noatime options if you want and to
# switch between notail / tail freely.
# The root filesystem should have a pass number of either 0 or 1.
# All other filesystems should have a pass number of 0 or greater than 1.
# See the manpage fstab(5) for more information.
# <fs> <mountpoint> <type> <opts> <dump/pass>
# NOTE: If your BOOT partition is ReiserFS, add the notail option to opts.
/dev/sdb6 / ext4 noatime 0 1
/dev/sdb7 /home ext4 defaults 0 2
/dev/sdb5 none swap sw 0 0
/dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom auto noauto,ro 0 0
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