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anonymous /gist:4070079
Created Nov 14, 2012

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with Ada.text_io; use Ada.Text_io;
procedure test is
-- type declarations needed to define type Lstring -- don't worry about limited private at this stage
function toLstring (Str : in String) -- full declaration of the function body
function toString (Lstr : Lstring) -- full declaration of the function body
lstr1 : Lstring;
-- a small procedure to display the contents of an Lstring -- it assumes the type declarations shown above procedure show (lstr : Lstring) is str : str_link; begin if lstr = null then return; end if;
str := lstr.list; while str /= null loop Put(; str :=; end loop; new_line; end show;
lstr1 := toLstring("This is a test string"); show(lstr1); put_line("'" & toString(lstr1) & "'");
end test;
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