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Created December 13, 2012 19:28
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A simple workaround for sbcl clsql-based cores deployment. Solving libraries paths problem by unloading/loading libraries.
(let ((library-list (cffi:list-foreign-libraries)))
(setf cffi:*foreign-library-directories* (list #p"lib/"))
(setf clsql-sys:*foreign-library-search-paths* (list #p"lib/"))
(pushnew (alexandria:named-lambda load-libraries ()
(mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(cffi:load-foreign-library x))
(mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(pathname (file-namestring (slot-value x 'pathname))))
(mapcar #'cffi:close-foreign-library library-list))
(save-lisp-and-die "image.core" :purify t :executable t))
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