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anonymous /gist:4444864
Created Jan 3, 2013

class DeprecationDisplayTest(unittest.TestCase):
# tests for 19546
def setUp(self):
self.new_stderr = StringIO()
self.new_out = StringIO()
self.old_stdout = sys.stdout
self.old_stderr = sys.stderr
sys.stdout = self.new_out
sys.stderr = self.new_stderr
def tearDown(self):
sys.stderr = self.old_stderr
sys.stdout = self.old_stdout
print self.results
def test_warning_output(self):
# sys.stderr.write("blah blah")
warnings.warn("Foo deprecated", DeprecationWarning)
result = force_text(self.new_stderr.getvalue())
resultb = force_text(self.new_stderr.getvalue())
self.results = result + resultb
# fails
self.assertTrue("Foo deprecated" in result)
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