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anonymous /gist:4537018
Created Jan 15, 2013

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Hello, has actually told me specifically who the seller is and what their email address is. It does not correspond to yours. Could you at least tell me the name and email address of the seller as it is reported with
Moreover, recommends doing the transaction through escrow at, and I wholeheartedly agree. I immediately went on and set up an offer to do the transaction under the standard conditions. This generated an email to the seller, and I also sent an email to the seller privately. All you need to do is go to and accept transaction <SOMETHING>.
Now, I get this message from one "", and I have a problem.
Either, some random third party got wind of the transaction and is now trying to scam me by posing as the seller...
...or you just prefer a different procedure that I am not familiar with and I'm just making this hard for myself by giving you an incentive to not deal with me.
So I have a deal for you, assuming you are who you say you are, that should lead to a conclusion quickly either way:
* You convince me that you are indeed the owner of the domain name and the same person that domain sponsor says is selling the domain name
* We complete the transaction the normal, reliable way through; no paypal'ing real money to random rocketmail accounts.
* I pay the full $25 escrow fee myself. This means you get to pocket the entire $70 sales price.
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