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LaTeX: To utilize PGF's position marking on e-pTeX
% pxpgfmark.sty
\ProvidesPackage{pxpgfmark}[2013/02/18 v0.1]
\PackageError{pxpgfmark}{Package 'pgfcore' must be loaded}\@ehc}
\ifx\pdfsavepos\@undefined \@tempswafalse \fi
\ifx\pdflastxpos\@undefined \@tempswafalse \fi
\ifx\pdflastypos\@undefined \@tempswafalse \fi
\ifx\pgf@sys@pdf@dvi@tracker\@undefined \@tempswafalse \fi
\PackageInfo{pxpgfmark}{Position marking enabled}
%% EOF
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