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anonymous /_new.html.erb
Created May 15, 2013

What would you like to do?
<div id="new-smoke-div">
<h1 class="new-smoke-title">Send us a Smoke</h1>
<div id="new-smoke-errors">
<% @smoke.errors.each do |attr, msg| %>
<p><%= "#{msg}" if @smoke.errors[attr].first == msg %></p>
<% end %>
<div id="new-smoke-form">
<%= form_tag '/smokes', :authenticity_token => form_authenticity_token, :multipart => true, :method => "post" do %>
<%= hidden_field_tag 'latitude', @smoke.latitude %>
<%= hidden_field_tag 'longitude', @smoke.longitude %>
<div id="new-smoke-picture">
<p>Upload a picture (optional):</p>
<%= file_field_tag 'picture' %>
<div class="clear">
<div id="new-smoke-description">
<p>Talk about it:</p>
<div id="new-smoke-remain" class="new-smoke-remain">256</div>
<%= text_area_tag 'description', nil, :class => "new-smoke-textarea", :id => "new-smoke-textarea" %>
<%= submit_tag "Create", :class => "new-smoke-button" %>
<% end %>
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