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Created May 28, 2013
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Blender python script to export the motion tracking markers to .csv files.
from __future__ import print_function
import bpy
D =
printFrameNums = False # include frame numbers in the csv file
relativeCoords = False # marker coords will be relative to the dimensions of the clip
f2=open('export-markers.log', 'w')
print('First line test', file=f2)
for clip in D.movieclips:
print('clip {0} found\n'.format(, file=f2)
for ob in clip.tracking.objects:
print('object {0} found\n'.format(, file=f2)
for track in ob.tracks:
print('track {0} found\n'.format(, file=f2)
fn = 'data/{0}_{1}_tr_{2}.csv'.format('.')[0],,
with open(fn, 'w') as f:
framenum = 0
while framenum < clip.frame_duration:
markerAtFrame = track.markers.find_frame(framenum)
if markerAtFrame:
coords =
if relativeCoords:
if printFrameNums:
print('{0},{1},{2}'.format(framenum, coords[0], coords[1]), file=f)
print('{0},{1}'.format(coords[0], coords[1]), file=f)
if printFrameNums:
print('{0},{1},{2}'.format(framenum, coords[0]*width, coords[1]*height), file=f)
print('{0},{1}'.format(coords[0]*width, coords[1]*height), file=f)
framenum += 1
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