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Created Jun 1, 2013

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# coding=UTF-8
import praw
import requests
username = 'undergroundmonorail'
password = [REDACTED]
r = praw.Reddit('Status Checker v0.1 by /u/undergroundmonorail')
r.login(username, password)
me = r.get_redditor(username)
ms = 0
for m in r.get_unread():
ms += 1
out = "{} messages | {} · {}".format(ms, me.link_karma, me.comment_karma)
with open('current', 'w') as file:
file.write(out.replace("1 messages", "1 message"))
except requests.ConnectionError:
with open('current' 'w') as file:
file.write("reddit is down")
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