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Created June 15, 2013 06:32
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1> Deepak Adhikari Presentation 2.0 (has team)
2> Yashasvi Pant Hangman
3> Puja Bihani Technical Dictionary && Peg solitaire (game) && Scientific calc
4> Krishna Parajuli Classified Ads (needs 1 database designer+ 2 JavaScript & PHP experts)
5> Bansaj Pradhan K-Maps (has team, intrested are welcomed)
6> Raj Kumar Shrestha Guru Chaiyo
7> Shalil Awaley Linux Controller via SSH
8> Aashish Rijal What is your Relationship Status(needs designer)
9> Monil Adhikari Sports Get
10> Rabin Acharya Auto Power Saver (intrested welcomed)
11> Rajesh Khadka Data Visualization
12>Pankaj and Rajan Group Chat System
13>Chandra Prakash Thapa Local Job Search (intrested welcomed)
14>Bishaw Shrestha IDE
15>Nepali Wiki Improving existing Wikipedia Translator
16)Nepali Wiki Hack through current input method in Nepali Wiki
17>Nepali Wiki Translitration method compatible to Romanized Keyboard Layout
18>Bishal Basnet Twitter app
19>Pankaj Nepal English-Nepali translator
20>Nootan Ghimire Nepal Bandha Notification
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