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ObjDiffCollector Rev2, With VerificationException in run in value type implicit boxing
static class ObjDiffCollector<T>
private delegate DiffEntry DiffDelegate(T x, T y);
private static readonly IReadOnlyDictionary<string, DiffDelegate> DicDiffDels;
private static PropertyInfo PropertyOf<TClass, TProperty>(Expression<Func<TClass, TProperty>> sele
=> (PropertyInfo)((MemberExpression)selector.Body).Member;
static ObjDiffCollector()
var expParamX = Expression.Parameter(typeof(T), "x");
var expParamY = Expression.Parameter(typeof(T), "y");
var propDrName = PropertyOf((DiffEntry x) => x.Prop);
var propDrValX = PropertyOf((DiffEntry x) => x.ValX);
var propDrValY = PropertyOf((DiffEntry x) => x.ValY);
var dic = new Dictionary<string, DiffDelegate>();
var props = typeof(T).GetProperties();
foreach (var info in props)
var expValX = Expression.MakeMemberAccess(expParamX, info);
var expValY = Expression.MakeMemberAccess(expParamY, info);
var expEq = Expression.Equal(expValX, expValY);
var expNewEntry = Expression.New(typeof(DiffEntry));
var expMemberInitEntry = Expression.MemberInit(expNewEntry,
Expression.Bind(propDrName, Expression.Constant(info.Name)),
Expression.Bind(propDrValX, expValX),
Expression.Bind(propDrValY, expValY));
var expReturn = Expression.Condition(expEq
, Expression.Convert(Expression.Constant(null), typeof(DiffEntry))
, expMemberInitEntry);
var expLambda = Expression.Lambda<DiffDelegate>(expReturn, expParamX, expParamY);
var compiled = expLambda.Compile();
dic[info.Name] = compiled;
DicDiffDels = dic;
public static DiffEntry[] Diff(T x, T y)
var list = new List<DiffEntry>(DicDiffDels.Count);
foreach (var pair in DicDiffDels)
var r = pair.Value(x, y);
if (r != null) list.Add(r);
return list.ToArray();
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