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Created Apr 23, 2016

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[17:21:53] <Two_Dogs> badbodh: you did what ontop of tsunami ?
[17:22:06] <Two_Dogs> i am gonna tell her you said that
[17:22:11] <badbodh> *facepalm*
[17:22:22] <Two_Dogs> boy is she gonna shit on your post-toasties
[17:22:40] <Two_Dogs> can wait to see it
[17:22:51] <Two_Dogs> you all heard him say it
[17:22:55] <Two_Dogs> he said it
[17:23:06] <Two_Dogs> s/can/cant
[17:23:06] <B0t> Two_Dogs meant to say: cant wait to see it
[17:23:08] <badbodh> you sir, have been officially beaten by an asian's english speaking skills
[17:23:40] * r4hul sympathizes with badbodh
[17:23:57] <Two_Dogs> i believe not, its not what was said, it is the big lie after that is remembered asian one
[17:24:08] <Two_Dogs> watch
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