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Simple calendar using ttk Treeview together with calendar and datetime
import calendar
import tkinter
import tkinter.font
from tkinter import ttk
def get_calendar(locale, fwday):
# instantiate proper calendar class
if locale is None:
return calendar.TextCalendar(fwday)
return calendar.LocaleTextCalendar(fwday, locale)
class Calendar(ttk.Frame):
# XXX ToDo: cget and configure
datetime = calendar.datetime.datetime
timedelta = calendar.datetime.timedelta
def __init__(self, master=None, **kw):
locale, firstweekday, year, month, selectbackground,
# remove custom options from kw before initializating ttk.Frame
fwday = kw.pop('firstweekday', calendar.MONDAY)
year = kw.pop('year',
month = kw.pop('month',
locale = kw.pop('locale', None)
sel_bg = kw.pop('selectbackground', '#ecffc4')
sel_fg = kw.pop('selectforeground', '#05640e')
self._date = self.datetime(year, month, 1)
self._selection = None # no date selected
ttk.Frame.__init__(self, master, **kw)
self._cal = get_calendar(locale, fwday)
self.__setup_styles() # creates custom styles
self.__place_widgets() # pack/grid used widgets
self.__config_calendar() # adjust calendar columns and setup tags
# configure a canvas, and proper bindings, for selecting dates
self.__setup_selection(sel_bg, sel_fg)
# store items ids, used for insertion later
self._items = [self._calendar.insert('', 'end', values='')
for _ in range(6)]
# insert dates in the currently empty calendar
# set the minimal size for the widget
#self._calendar.bind('<Map>', self.__minsize)
def __setitem__(self, item, value):
if item in ('year', 'month'):
raise AttributeError("attribute '%s' is not writeable" % item)
elif item == 'selectbackground':
self._canvas['background'] = value
elif item == 'selectforeground':
self._canvas.itemconfigure(self._canvas.text, item=value)
ttk.Frame.__setitem__(self, item, value)
def __getitem__(self, item):
if item in ('year', 'month'):
return getattr(self._date, item)
elif item == 'selectbackground':
return self._canvas['background']
elif item == 'selectforeground':
return self._canvas.itemcget(self._canvas.text, 'fill')
r = ttk.tclobjs_to_py({item: ttk.Frame.__getitem__(self, item)})
return r[item]
def __setup_styles(self):
# custom ttk styles
style = ttk.Style(self.master)
arrow_layout = lambda dir: (
[('Button.focus', {'children': [('Button.%sarrow' % dir, None)]})]
style.layout('L.TButton', arrow_layout('left'))
style.layout('R.TButton', arrow_layout('right'))
def __place_widgets(self):
# header frame and its widgets
hframe = ttk.Frame(self)
lbtn = ttk.Button(hframe, style='L.TButton', command=self._prev_month)
rbtn = ttk.Button(hframe, style='R.TButton', command=self._next_month)
self._header = ttk.Label(hframe, width=15, anchor='center')
# the calendar
#self._calendar = ttk.Treeview(show='', selectmode='none', height=7)
self._calendar = ttk.Treeview(self, show='', selectmode='none', height=7)
# pack the widgets
hframe.pack(in_=self, side='top', pady=4, anchor='center')
self._header.grid(in_=hframe, column=1, row=0, padx=12)
rbtn.grid(in_=hframe, column=2, row=0)
self._calendar.pack(in_=self, expand=1, fill='both', side='bottom')
def __config_calendar(self):
cols = self._cal.formatweekheader(3).split()
self._calendar['columns'] = cols
self._calendar.tag_configure('header', background='grey90')
self._calendar.insert('', 'end', values=cols, tag='header')
# adjust its columns width
font = tkinter.font.Font()
maxwidth = max(font.measure(col) for col in cols)
for col in cols:
self._calendar.column(col, width=maxwidth, minwidth=maxwidth,
def __setup_selection(self, sel_bg, sel_fg):
self._font = tkinter.font.Font()
self._canvas = canvas = tkinter.Canvas(self._calendar,
background=sel_bg, borderwidth=0, highlightthickness=0)
canvas.text = canvas.create_text(0, 0, fill=sel_fg, anchor='w')
canvas.bind('<ButtonPress-1>', lambda evt: canvas.place_forget())
self._calendar.bind('<Configure>', lambda evt: canvas.place_forget())
self._calendar.bind('<ButtonPress-1>', self._pressed)
#def __minsize(self, evt):
# width, height = self._calendar.master.geometry().split('x')
# height = height[:height.index('+')]
# self._calendar.master.minsize(width, height)
def _build_calendar(self):
year, month = self._date.year, self._date.month
# update header text (Month, YEAR)
header = self._cal.formatmonthname(year, month, 0)
self._header['text'] = header.title()
# update calendar shown dates
cal = self._cal.monthdayscalendar(year, month)
for indx, item in enumerate(self._items):
week = cal[indx] if indx < len(cal) else []
fmt_week = [('%02d' % day) if day else '' for day in week]
self._calendar.item(item, values=fmt_week)
def _show_selection(self, text, bbox):
"""Configure canvas for a new selection."""
x, y, width, height = bbox
textw = self._font.measure(text)
canvas = self._canvas
canvas.configure(width=width, height=height)
canvas.coords(canvas.text, width - textw, height / 2 - 1)
canvas.itemconfigure(canvas.text, text=text), x=x, y=y)
# Callbacks
def _pressed(self, evt):
"""Clicked somewhere in the calendar."""
x, y, widget = evt.x, evt.y, evt.widget
item = widget.identify_row(y)
column = widget.identify_column(x)
if not column or not item in self._items:
# clicked in the weekdays row or just outside the columns
item_values = widget.item(item)['values']
if not len(item_values): # row is empty for this month
text = item_values[int(column[1]) - 1]
if not text: # date is empty
bbox = widget.bbox(item, column)
if not bbox: # calendar not visible yet
# update and then show selection
text = '%02d' % text
self._selection = (text, item, column)
self._show_selection(text, bbox)
def _prev_month(self):
"""Updated calendar to show the previous month."""
self._date = self._date - self.timedelta(days=1)
self._date = self.datetime(self._date.year, self._date.month, 1)
self._build_calendar() # reconstuct calendar
def _next_month(self):
"""Update calendar to show the next month."""
year, month = self._date.year, self._date.month
self._date = self._date + self.timedelta(
days=calendar.monthrange(year, month)[1] + 1)
self._date = self.datetime(self._date.year, self._date.month, 1)
self._build_calendar() # reconstruct calendar
# Properties
def selection(self):
"""Return a datetime representing the current selected date."""
if not self._selection:
return None
year, month = self._date.year, self._date.month
return self.datetime(year, month, int(self._selection[0]))
def test():
import sys
root = tkinter.Tk()
root.title('Ttk Calendar')
ttkcal = Calendar(firstweekday=calendar.SUNDAY)
ttkcal.pack(expand=1, fill='both')
if 'win' not in sys.platform:
style = ttk.Style()
if __name__ == '__main__':
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