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Rust code shared from the playground
// Just a proof of concept of the code I have written and how I'd like to be
// able to use it.
pub trait AdapterInitalizer<T: ManageConnection + 'static> {
type Connection: Sized + Send + 'static;
type Error: Sized + Error + 'static;
fn init_pool<'a>(&self, creds: &'a str, pool_size: u32) -> Pool<T>;
#[cfg(feature = "diesel_sqlite")]
struct DieselSqliteAdapter;
#[cfg(feature = "diesel_sqlite")]
impl AdapterInitalizer<ConnectionManager<SqliteConnection>> for DieselSqliteAdapter {
type Connection = SqliteConnection;
type Error = diesel::r2d2::Error;
fn init_pool<'a>(&self, credentials: &'a str, pool_size: u32) -> Pool<ConnectionManager<SqliteConnection>> {
let manager = ConnectionManager::<SqliteConnection>::new(credentials);
Pool::builder().max_size(pool_size).build(manager).expect("Unable to create Sqlite pool")
#[cfg(feature = "pg_pool")]
struct PostgresAdapter;
#[cfg(feature = "pg_pool")]
impl AdapterInitalizer<PostgresConnectionManager> for PostgresAdapter {
type Connection = postgres::Connection;
type Error = postgres::Error;
fn init_pool<'a>(&self, credentials: &'a str, pool_size: u32) -> Pool<PostgresConnectionManager> {
let manager = PostgresConnectionManager::new(credentials, TlsMode::None).unwrap();
Pool::builder().max_size(pool_size).build(manager).expect("Unable to build Postgres pool")
// I don't want this to be parameterized. I'd rather it is just the trait (or boxed trait)
pub struct Databases<T> {
initializers: HashMap<String, AdapterInitializer<T>>
impl<T> Database<T> {
pub fn new() -> Self {
let initializers = HashMap::new();
initializers.insert("diesel_sqlite", DieselSqliteAdapter);
initializers.insert("postgres", PostgresAdapter);
Databases {
fn main() {
let database_connections = ["diesel_sqlite", "postgres"];
let credentials = ["./path/to/some/db.sqlite", "postgres://root:root@localhost/my_db"];
let databases = Databases::new();
for (adapter_type, credentials) in database_connections.iter().zip(credentials.iter()) {
// Do something with the returned pool, like store it in Rocket managed state
let pool = databases.initializers[adapter_type].init_pool(credentials, 10);
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