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Created August 28, 2013 21:43
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Gist created by SoSoSocial
My name is Steve McTaggart
I am the head of a marketing department in a small business. I am also one of the starters in the business I work in. To the general public I am suit and tie creative. However, silently I carry a copy of the national enquirer in my briefcase.
Also I like people to think of me as a creative even though most of my ideas are stolen from junior copywriters in my department of which I don't give them enough credit for.
I am constantly under pressure to come up with the next bright marketing idea to keep my business competitive and also to stop my boss outsourcing my duties.
The guys I want to be like and secretly envy are on this list
Secretly I think they are all overrated I could be on that list if only if I had a stage to show off my marketing skills
To everyone I appear as a stable guy with a stable family ( A wife and two kids).
But secretly I have a mistress on the side, frankly I love my wife but she is boring and the pressure of my Marketing job demands that I get a more visceral emotional distraction. I have been spending more time around my mistress lately. It was usually around my wife's pregnancies but lately she forget that just because I am her husband doesn't mean I stopped appreciating it when she takes care of herself.
Also I haven't yet got over my ex-girlfriend I hate her making me fall in love in ways only a young man can. I secretly wonder will I love love another person like that.
I am balding and feel that I haven't achieved all of my potential. I am also worried that my gut hangs over my belt and am I becoming and old fart. So i try to sound as hip and chic as possible.
I earn between £40,00-80,000 a year I am financially comfortable but very far from rich. So i am looking at ways to acquire assets and new tricks to make money online.
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