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Created June 17, 2014 06:32
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06:15 <+xyphoid> AJofUniversalHorizons: would you consider importing a character from one computer game into anothe
r to come under your patent?
06:15 <+xyphoid> let's say bob writes Dungeon Explorer and I write Dragon Wars and i let you import characters from
Dungeon Explorer to play my game
06:16 <~Dan> I'm out for the night. Bye, folks! Thanks again, AJ!
06:16 <+Gar> Bye Dan...
06:16 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> ty Dan
06:16 <+Gar> Good night!
06:16 <~Dan> Come by any time, AJ!
06:17 -!- Dan [] has quit [Disintegrated: ~ Trillian Astra - ~]
06:17 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> Xyphoid, I am not an attorney. You are.
06:18 <+xyphoid> i'm not an attorney either - i'm just asking if you consider that to come under your patent
06:18 <+MonkofLords> Adios Dan
06:18 <+xyphoid> like is that something you consider you invented
06:18 <+MonkofLords> Lord of the Dance
06:18 <+Kzar> what I'm mostly curious about is how you can patent something that is pretty common place in the medi
um already
06:18 <+xyphoid> i mean you must realise a patent is a claim of invention
06:20 <+xyphoid> and i am concerned that your patent could be damaging for the rest of the industry - imagine if i told you right now someone had patented percentile dice with modifiers for resolving actions
06:20 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> If a new system uses our method of transferring characters online, I would be unhappy. This is why my lawyer put it in the patent. Our rules for characters is very code friendly, and eventually it could be used for an online game. Why would I not protect that?
06:20 <@Silverlion> Hrms.
06:21 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> Past practice prohibits that, be reasonable.
06:21 <@Silverlion> What is this patent business?
06:21 <+Ettin> Is it a patent for people using the specific process outlined in your flow chart
06:22 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> as an example, it refers to our product.
06:23 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> And it is detailed in one of the charts.
06:23 <+xyphoid> Silverlion: this game has patented a rpg mechanic
06:23 <+xyphoid> for converting characters rfom one system to another
06:24 <+AJofUniversalHorizons> I did spend 2.5 hours explaining the system. thanks for listening.
06:25 -!- AJofUniversalHorizons [] has quit [Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client]
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