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Created Sep 17, 2013
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A BuddyPress template tag to display the full length of a message while in threads loop.
/* You can put this in your functions.php or any file that is loaded in the WordPress process
waiting for a new template tag to be created */
function bp_message_thread_the_content() {
echo bp_get_message_thread_the_content();
function bp_get_message_thread_the_content() {
global $messages_template;
/* using the filters of bp_get_message_thread_excerpt as the truncate is not done via filter
New filters on bp_get_message_thread_the_content might be interesting */
return apply_filters( 'bp_get_message_thread_excerpt', $messages_template->thread->last_message_content );
/* now in your template simply add <?php bp_message_thread_the_content();?> to display the full length of the message. */
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