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Created Sep 15, 2015
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result of hagb4rd's code

For this code:


This was the output:

[ 'Binding contextify',
  'Binding natives',
  'NativeModule events',
  'NativeModule buffer',
  'Binding buffer',
  'Binding smalloc',
  'NativeModule util',
  'Binding uv',
  'NativeModule vm',
  'NativeModule timers',
  'Binding timer_wrap',
  'NativeModule _linklist',
  'NativeModule assert',
  'NativeModule path',
  'NativeModule module',
  'NativeModule fs',
  'Binding fs',
  'NativeModule constants',
  'Binding constants',
  'NativeModule stream',
  'NativeModule _stream_readable',
  'NativeModule _stream_writable',
  'NativeModule _stream_duplex',
  'NativeModule _stream_transform',
  'NativeModule _stream_passthrough',
  'Binding fs_event_wrap',
  'NativeModule smalloc',
  'NativeModule internal/smalloc',
  'NativeModule child_process',
  'Binding spawn_sync',
  'Binding pipe_wrap',
  'NativeModule internal/child_process',
  'NativeModule string_decoder',
  'NativeModule net',
  'Binding cares_wrap',
  'Binding tty_wrap',
  'Binding tcp_wrap',
  'Binding stream_wrap',
  'NativeModule dgram',
  'Binding udp_wrap',
  'Binding process_wrap',
  'NativeModule internal/socket_list',
  'NativeModule tty',
  'NativeModule readline',
  'NativeModule console',
  'NativeModule domain' ]
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