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The way that we did it was, we took every single country, we lined them up in an Excel spreadsheet and we figured out the CPM rate that we got in each of those countries. When he thought about how to think about the product, or how to figure out that solution, he just basically said, The way you should think about it is, how do you make it so that no one feels like their social relationship is a burden? If all of a sudden, I want to play Stairway to Heaven with you, it shouldnt feel like, Oh man. On April 15, 2009, Canon Rock by Jerry C became the first song to reach 1 million plays. Andrew: See, you went to talk about education, about the next generation for immigrants, about risk taking, about the hero generation, and then gold. Instead of blow it up big, go big or go home, have every feature that anyone could imagine and dominate by beating the competition by having every feature before they could even think of it, you said no, I want to focus on a few things. Can you describe what that was? Andrew L: Yeah, so Jam Legend essentially was you take Guitar Hero, you put it online. Oh, no, he got acquired. You have to deal with questions of exchange rate. Congrats, man. In a way, using both models to interact with each other was a great way to figure out how the curve exactly worked out in terms of how we would monetize. Lee says that users have uploaded over 600,000 songs to their virtual lockers. If you dont like it send it back. And they care about how many homeruns theyre able to go and hit. And I still believe that a lot of [??] should do that. If you fail to hit a note, your streak and multiplier will reset. All right, let me tell people about they want to take this relationship, their relationship with Mixergy to the next level what they can do. Each of them have gone on to do different things nowadays. Follow Get OurNewsletter WIRED's biggest stories, delivered to your inbox. Personally, for me, its a question of, OK, Jam Legend was able to go and be a form of experience for a [??] number of people, for two million people. This includes but limited to song, social and any other multiplayer related. We realized, we dont have to go and look for our own guests if [their pockets?] with great entrepreneurs and potential guests, we should just partner up with them. Andrew L: That happens, that happens. Go to The way he did it was he didnt do it in a way that was, a great adviser is one whos a coach. I saw you on Hacker News the other day. The issue is like this, right? You can either be at the beginning selling aspirin or ice cream, but if you sell enough ice cream and everyone eats it every single day, you take away ice cream, its going to feel just as bad as taking aspirin, right? Andrew: I see. Andrew: He said he didnt just do a survey to see if people would come to a Lean Startup event, he did a survey and then to people who said yes I would pay, he said all right, now pay up. If you think about it, all it is is the ability to go ahead and generate a lead for another service. From the JamLegend blog: After… ReadMore JamLegend And Skribit Tumble Down Into TheDeadpool Apr 19, 2011 by Robin Wauters Companies, like visitors of Chinese take-away restaurants, come and go. Andrew: But you did have to close down Jam Legend, right? Which means that the product, at least, itself was dead pooled. You know, in a third world country, in Argentina I had better internet access than here. 0 SHARES Advertisement Advertisement Crunchbase JamLegend Founded 2008 Overview JamLegend is an online music game, that competes with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. My investors got something out of it. Instruments and Difficulty Once you have chosen a song, you will need to select an instrument 5a02188284
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