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Created Aug 12, 2014

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// Key combinations
var hyper = ['ctrl','alt','cmd','shift'];
var mash = ['ctrl','alt','cmd'];
// Screen placement movement
api.bind('h', mash, function() { to_left(1, 2); }); // left
api.bind('l', mash, function() { to_right(1, 2); }); // right
api.bind('k', mash, function() { to_top(1, 2); }); // up
api.bind('j', mash, function() { to_bottom(1, 2); }); // down
api.bind('.', mash, function() { to_bottom_right(1, 2); }); // bottom-right
api.bind('n', mash, function() { to_bottom_left(1, 2); }); // bottom-left
api.bind('p', mash, function() { to_top_right(1, 2); }); // top-right
api.bind('y', mash, function() { to_top_left(1, 2); }); // top-left
// Monitor movement
api.bind('left', mash, left_one_monitor);
api.bind('right', mash, right_one_monitor);
// Full screen
api.bind('space', hyper, full_screen);
api.bind('space', mash, full_screen);
api.bind('i', mash, full_screen);
// I also like to shift the focus from window to window:
// Focus
api.bind('h', hyper, function() {focus(LEFT);});
api.bind('l', hyper, function() {focus(RIGHT);});
api.bind('k', hyper, function() {focus(UP);});
api.bind('j', hyper, function() {focus(DOWN);});
// Finally, I also have my own hotkeys for application launching:
// Launcher
api.bind('e', ['cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('path finder');});
api.bind('f9', ['cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('emacs');});
api.bind('f10', ['cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('iterm');});
api.bind('f11', ['shift', 'cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('google chrome canary');});
api.bind('f11', ['cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('google chrome');});
api.bind('f12', ['cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('notes');});
api.bind('f', ['ctrl', 'shift', 'cmd'], function() {App.focusOrStart('evernote');});
// Feel free to use and or adopt. And oh really, do give Phoenix a try if you’re looking
// for a better way to handle windows on a Mac
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