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Created Nov 24, 2010

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<amalloy> (macroexpand '(Integer/parseInt "1"))
<sexpbot> ⟹ (let* [obj-class__3987__auto__ (clojure.core/class Integer)]
(clojure.core/if-not (clojure.core/some (if (clojure.core/map?
clojail.core/tester) (clojure.core/let [{:keys [blacklist__3988__auto__
whitelist__3989__auto__]} clojail.core/tester] (clojure.core/fn
[target__3990__auto__] (clojure.core/or (clojure.core/and
whitelist__3989__auto__ (clojure.core/not (whitelist__3989__auto__
target__3990__auto__)) target__3990__auto__) (clojure.core/and
blacklist__3988__auto__ (blacklist__3988__auto__ target__3990__auto__)))))
clojail.core/tester) [obj-class__3987__auto__ (.getPackage
obj-class__3987__auto__)]) (. Integer parseInt "1") (throw
(java.lang.SecurityException. (clojure.core/str "You tripped the
alarm! " obj-class__3987__auto__ " is bad!")))))
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