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anonymous /code_thievery.txt
Created Nov 25, 2010

What would you like to do?
> JimBastard: "If you question the legitimacy or ownership
> of any of my projects..."
Well, let's do just that. JimBastard, aka Marak Squires, has a long
history of self-promoting projects that he's either stolen outright
from other programmers, or simply wrapped and called his own.
You'll often find him promoting his "work", so watch this video
before continuing:
So it pays to be aware of who you're dealing with.
Exhibit A: Let's start with the theft of Asciimo.
Exhibit B: Marak's PDF.js is a blatant copy-and-paste ripoff of
jsPDF, including comments:
Exhibit C: Marak's jquery.DataSelector.js is a copy-and-paste theft
from James Padolsey's blog post "Extending jQuery's Selector
Exhibit D: At least he leaves inimino's name at the top of the
comments for this one:
Exhibit E: The bullshit wrappers around external projects and other
people's work.
Marak's Gemini is simply the stdlib EventEmitter from Node.js
copied-and-pasted (including comments), with a bit of "TODO" code
surrounding it.
His "say.js" is just a shell-out to the Mac's "say" command.
His "response.js" project is 15-line monkey-patch to Node's
I could go on, but I don't think there's any need. You can take
a look at his other projects for yourself, and see that they're
not really any work of his. It's important for open-source
developers to have at least a modicum of ethical behavior.
Hopefully, he won't just delete these repos and try to bury the
issue. An apology would be nice.
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