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Created Dec 12, 2015

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import CCairo
public class Surface {
public let surface: COpaquePointer
public let cr: COpaquePointer
public init(format: cairo_format_t, width: Int, height: Int) {
self.surface = cairo_image_surface_create(CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, 421, 410) = cairo_create(surface)
public func lineTo(x: Double, y: Double) {
cairo_line_to(cr, x, y)
public func scale(x: Double, y: Double) {
cairo_scale(cr, x, y)
public func moveTo(x: Double, y: Double) {
cairo_move_to (cr, x, y)
public func setLineWidth(width: Double) {
cairo_set_line_width(cr, width)
public func stroke() {
public func surfaceWriteToPNG(filename: String) {
cairo_surface_write_to_png(surface, filename)
deinit {
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