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import Foundation
class MetawearConfig:NSObject, MBLRestorable {
var pulseWidthEvent:MBLEvent!
func encodeWithCoder(aCoder: NSCoder) {
aCoder.encodeObject(self.pulseWidthEvent, forKey: "pulseWidthEvent")
required init(coder: NSCoder) {
self.pulseWidthEvent = coder.decodeObjectForKey("pulseWidthEvent") as? MBLEvent
override init () {
func runOnDeviceBoot(device: MBLMetaWear) {
// Log some Accelerometer data
device.accelerometer.fullScaleRange = MBLAccelerometerRange.Range2G
device.accelerometer.filterCutoffFreq = 0
device.accelerometer.highPassFilter = true;
var periodicEvent = device.accelerometer.rmsDataReadyEvent.periodicSampleOfEvent(1000)
self.pulseWidthEvent = periodicEvent.pulseDetectorOfEventWithThreshold(30, width: 3, output: MBLPulseOutput.Width)
println("Logging Started")
// Config code
self.device.setConfiguration(MetawearConfig()) { error in
self.downloadLogButton.enabled = true
println("set Configuration successful")
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