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anonymous /gist:74988
Created Mar 6, 2009

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;;; elispでタグジャンプっぽいもの
(setq find-function-C-source-directory "c:/home/lxuser/src/emacs-22.2/src/")
(global-set-key [(control ?c) ?f] 'find-library)
(define-key ctl-x-map [?j] 'find-function)
(defun find-symbol-at-point ()
;; (or (find-variable-at-point) (find-function-at-point))
(let ((sym (symbol-at-point)))
(cond ((null sym) nil)
((boundp sym) (find-variable-other-window sym))
((fboundp sym) (find-function-other-window sym))
(t (error "not found: %s" sym)))))
(define-key esc-map [?.] 'find-symbol-at-point)
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