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Created May 7, 2016
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pub trait NotSame {}
pub struct True;
pub struct False;
pub trait Sameness {
type Same;
mod internal {
pub trait PrivSameness {
type Same;
use internal::PrivSameness;
impl<A, B> Sameness for (A, B) {
type Same = <Self as PrivSameness>::Same;
impl<A, B> PrivSameness for (A, B) {
default type Same = False;
impl<A> PrivSameness for (A, A) {
type Same = True;
impl<A, B> NotSame for (A, B) where (A, B): Sameness<Same=False> {}
fn not_same<A, B>() where (A, B): NotSame {}
fn main() {
not_same::<i32, f32>();
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