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/nsa.php Secret

Created October 29, 2016 16:00
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break the nsa encryption
* Encrypts a given plaintext using the supplied key.
* @param key a numeric key with a value greater than 255
* @param plainText a string containing the plaintext you want to encrypt
* @return number a unique number for this given key and plaintext
function nsaEncrypt($key, $plainText)
$result = 0;
for ($character = 0; $character < strlen($plainText); $character++)
$result = bcadd($result, ord($plainText[$character]));
$result = bcmul($result, $key);
return $result;
Here’s the ciphertext you need to deal with. It represents the encrypted version of a md5 hash. Decrypt it and then crack the hash to get the solution.
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