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anonymous /a.rb Secret
Created Dec 2, 2015

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[03:18:44] *** This channel was created on 2/23/14 1:58 AM.
[03:18:57] <xenopeek> you're confusing systemd with systemd
[03:19:11] <xenopeek> systemd is a project building a common userland for Linux
[03:19:24] <xenopeek> systemd as you mean it would be the init system
[03:19:53] <xenopeek> Mint uses logind from the systemd project IIRC, and inherited from Ubuntu has some systemd compatibility in place
[03:20:09] <xenopeek> it's not using systemd init -- it's using Upstart init
[03:20:39] <xenopeek> perhaps it will change mid next year with Linux Mint 18 (at least I hope so; Upstart is nowhere near as nice to work with)
[03:21:11] <andrei> Like I said, I'm new to linux and I don't know anything...
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