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Created Feb 18, 2011

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<brehaut> (apropos "?")
<sexpbot> ⟹ (superset? subset? alert-time? impl-enabled? enabled?
logged-in? has-privs? -?>> .?. seqable? -?> is-blacklisted?
is-command? leftmost? auto? rightmost? connection? keyword?
chunked-seq? instance? sequential? fn? nil? string? sorted? false?
true? odd? symbol? thread-bound? future-done? number? integer?
reversible? seq? identical? zero? char? distinct? ratio? neg? isa?
extends? future? vector? counted? class? special-symbol? var? empty?
list? not-any? associative? float? decimal? map? not-every? even?
future-cancelled? bound? pos? contains? ifn? delay? rational? set?
coll? every? satisfies? branch? end? unexceptional-status? ancestor?
emit-nl? before? abuts? within? after? overlaps? blank? substring?
blank? pangram?)
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