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Created May 31, 2017
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//Coeval[A] can be seen also as `Function0[A]`
val prompt: Coeval[Unit] = Coeval.eval(println("Please enter a number"))
val lastPrompt: Coeval[Unit] = Coeval.eval(println(s"Please enter a number, otherwise 42 will be used"))
val readLine: Coeval[String] = Coeval.eval(StdIn.readLine())
def promptForNumber(prompt: Coeval[Unit]): Coeval[Int] =
for {
_ <- prompt
s <- readLine
} yield s.toInt
val num = promptForNumber(prompt)
.onErrorRecover {
case NonFatal(_) => 42
}.memoize // Saves result after first execution
println(s"${num.value}") // First call, with side effects and actual computations
println(s"${num.value}") // Returns memoized result
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