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anonymous /rails204changes.txt
Created Sep 3, 2008

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What's new in Rails 2.0.4
Action Mailer
* Less verbose mail logging: just recipients for :info log level; the whole email for :debug only. #8000 [iaddict, Tarmo Tänav]
* Updated TMail to version 1.2.1 [raasdnil]
* Fixed that you don't have to call super in ActionMailer::TestCase#setup #10406 [jamesgolick]
Action Pack
* Avoid remote_ip spoofing. [Brian Candler]
* Correct inconsistencies in RequestForgeryProtection docs. #11032 [mislav]
* Make assert_routing aware of the HTTP method used. #8039 [mpalmer]
e.g. assert_routing({ :method => 'put', :path => '/product/321' }, { :controller => "product", :action => "update", :id => "321" })
* Remove ERB trim variables from trace template in case ActionView::Base.erb_trim_mode is changed in the application. #10098 [tpope, kampers]
* Fix typo in form_helper documentation. #10650 [xaviershay, kampers]
* Fix bug with setting Request#format= after the getter has cached the value. #10889 [cch1]
* Add label_tag helper for generating elements. #10802 [DefV]
* TestSession supports indifferent access. #7372 [tamc, Arsen7, mhackett, julik, jean.helou]
* UrlWriter respects relative_url_root. #10748 [Cheah Chu Yeow]
* Support render :text => nil. #6684 [tjennings, PotatoSalad, Cheah Chu Yeow]
* assert_response failures include the exception message. #10688 [Seth Rasmussen]
* Fixed rendering of partials with layout when done from site layout #9209 [antramm]
* Fix atom_feed_helper to comply with the atom spec. Closes #10672 [xaviershay]
* The tags created do not contain a date (
* IDs are not guaranteed unique
* A default self link was not provided, contrary to the documentation
* NOTE: This changes tags for existing atom entries, but at least they validate now.
* Correct indentation in tests. Closes #10671 [l.guidi]
* Fix that auto_link looks for ='s in url paths (Amazon urls have them). Closes #10640 [bgreenlee]
* Ensure that test case setup is run even if overridden. #10382 [Josh Peek]
* Fix HTML Sanitizer to allow trailing spaces in CSS style attributes. Closes #10566 [wesley.moxam]
* Add :default option to time_zone_select. #10590 [Matt Aimonetti]
Active Record
* Migrations: create_table supports primary_key_prefix_type. #10314 [student, thechrisoshow]
* Ensure that ActiveRecord::Calculations disambiguates field names with the table name. #11027 [cavalle]
* Ensure that modifying has_and_belongs_to_many actions clear the query cache. Closes #10840 [john.andrews]
* Fix issue where Table#references doesn't pass a :null option to a *_type attribute for polymorphic associations. Closes #10753 [railsjitsu]
* update_all ignores scoped :order and :limit, so post.comments.update_all doesn't try to include the comment order in the update statement. #10686 [Brendan Ribera]
* Added by parameter to increment, decrement, and their bang varieties so you can do player1.increment!(:points, 5) #10542 [Sam]
* Optimize ActiveRecord::Base#exists? to use #select_all instead of #find. Closes #10605 [jamesh, fcheung, protocool]
* Don't unnecessarily load has_many associations in after_update callbacks. Closes #6822 [stopdropandrew, canadaduane]
* Eager belongs_to :include infers the foreign key from the association name rather than the class name. #10517 [Jonathan Viney]
* SQLite: fix rename_ and remove_column for columns with unique indexes. #10576 [Brandon Keepers]
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility. [Jeremy Kemper]
Active Resource
* Fix small documentation typo. Closes #10670 [l.guidi]
* find_or_create_resource_for handles module nesting. #10646 [xavier]
* Allow setting ActiveResource::Base#format before #site. [rick]
* Support agnostic formats when calling custom methods. Closes #10635 [joerichsen]
* Document custom methods. #10589 [Cheah Chu Yeow]
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility. [Jeremy Kemper]
Active Support
* Fixed the rexml vulnerability disclosed at [koz]
* Remove :nodoc: entries around the ActiveSupport test/unit assertions. #10946 [dancroak, jamesh]
* Fixed String#titleize to work for strings with 's too #10571 [trek]
* Changed the implementation of Enumerable#group_by to use a double array approach instead of a hash such that the insert order is honored [DHH/Marcel]
* remove multiple enumerations from ActiveSupport::JSON#convert_json_to_yaml when dealing with date/time values. [rick]
* Hash#symbolize_keys skips keys that can't be symbolized. #10500 [Brad Greenlee]
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility. #1689, #10466, #10468, #10554 [Cheah Chu Yeow, Pratik Naik, Jeremy Kemper, Dirkjan Bussink]
* TimeZone#to_s uses UTC rather than GMT. #1689 [Cheah Chu Yeow]
* Refactor of Hash#symbolize_keys! to use Hash#replace. Closes #10420 [ReinH]
* Fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_options! so it doesn't clear the options hash. Closes #10419 [ReinH]
Rail Ties
* Resurrect WordNet synonym lookups. #10710 [tom./, matt]
* Added that rails:update is run when you do rails:freeze:edge to ensure you also get the latest JS and config files #10565 [jeff]
* SQLite: db:drop:all doesn't fail silently if the database is already open. #10577 [Cheah Chu Yeow, mrichman]
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility. #1689, #10546 [Cheah Chu Yeow, frederico]
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