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Created Mar 27, 2011

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<fliebel> (doc case)
<sexpbot> ⟹ "Macro ([e & clauses]); Takes an expression, and a set of
clauses. Each clause can take the form of either: test-constant
result-expr (test-constant1 ... test-constantN) result-expr The
test-constants are not evaluated. They must be compile-time literals,
and need not be quoted. If the expression is equal to a test-constant,
the corresponding result-expr is returned. A single default expression
can follow the clauses, and its value will be returned if no clause
matches. If no default expression is provided and no clause matches,
an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. Unlike cond and condp, case
does a constant-time dispatch, the clauses are not considered
sequentially. All manner of constant expressions are acceptable in
case, including numbers, strings, symbols, keywords, and (Clojure)
composites thereof. Note that since lists are used to group multiple
constants that map to the same expression, a vector can be used to
match a list if needed. The test-constants need not be all of the same
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