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Created Sep 5, 2008
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Action Pack
* All 2xx requests are considered successful [Josh Peek]
* Deprecate the limited follow_redirect in functional tests. If you wish to follow redirects, use integration tests. [Michael Koziarski]
* Fixed that AssetTagHelper#compute_public_path shouldn't cache the asset_host along with the source or per-request proc's won't run [DHH]
* Deprecate define_javascript_functions, javascript_include_tag and friends are much better [Michael Koziarski]
* Fix polymorphic_url with singleton resources. #461 [Tammer Saleh]
* Deprecate ActionView::Base.erb_variable. Use the concat helper method instead of appending to it directly. [Jeremy Kemper]
* Fixed Request#remote_ip to only raise hell if the HTTP_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR doesn't match (not just if they're both present) [Mark Imbriaco, Bradford Folkens]
Active Record
* Set config.active_record.timestamped_migrations = false to have migrations with numeric prefix instead of UTC timestamp. #446. [Andrew Stone, Nik Wakelin]
* Fixed that create database statements would always include "DEFAULT NULL" (Nick Sieger) [#334]
* change_column_default preserves the not-null constraint. #617 [Tarmo Tänav]
* Add :tokenizer option to validates_length_of to specify how to split up the attribute string. #507. [David Lowenfels] Example :
# Ensure essay contains at least 100 words.
validates_length_of :essay, :minimum => 100, :too_short => "Your essay must be at least %d words."), :tokenizer => lambda {|str| str.scan(/\w+/) }
* Always treat integer :limit as byte length. #420 [Tarmo Tänav]
* Partial updates don't update lock_version if nothing changed. #426 [Daniel Morrison]
* Fix column collision with named_scope and :joins. #46 [Duncan Beevers, Mark Catley]
* db:migrate:down and :up update schema_migrations. #369 [Michael Raidel, RaceCondition]
* PostgreSQL: support :conditions => [':foo::integer', { :foo => 1 }] without treating the ::integer typecast as a bind variable. [Tarmo Tänav]
* MySQL: rename_column preserves column defaults. #466 [Diego Algorta]
* Add :from option to calculations. #397 [Ben Munat]
* Add :validate option to associations to enable/disable the automatic validation of associated models. Resolves #301. [Jan De Poorter]
* PostgreSQL: use 'INSERT ... RETURNING id' for 8.2 and later. [Jeremy Kemper]
* Added SQL escaping for :limit and :offset in MySQL [Jonathan Wiess]
Active Resource
* Fixed Base#exists? to check status code as integer [#299 state:resolved] (Wes Oldenbeuving)
*Active Support*
* Fix Ruby's Time marshaling bug in pre-1.9 versions of Ruby: utc instances are now correctly unmarshaled with a utc zone instead of the system local zone [#900 state:resolved]:activesupport/CHANGELOG
* TimeWithZone: when crossing DST boundary, treat Durations of days, months or years as variable-length, and all other values as absolute length. A time + 24.hours will advance exactly 24 hours, but a time + will advance 23-25 hours, depending on the day. Ensure consistent behavior across all advancing methods [Geoff Buesing]
* Fix TimeWithZone unmarshaling: coerce unmarshaled Time instances to utc, because Ruby's marshaling of Time instances doesn't respect the zone [Geoff Buesing]
* Added StringQuestioneer for doing things like"production").production? # => true and"production").development? # => false [DHH]
* Fixed Date#end_of_quarter to not blow up on May 31st [#289 state:resolved] (Danger)
*Rail Ties*
* Fix script/about in production mode. #370 [Cheah Chu Yeow, Xavier Noria, David Krmpotic]
* Add the gem load paths before the framework is loaded, so certain gems like RedCloth and BlueCloth can be frozen.
* Fix discrepancies with loading rails/init.rb from gems.
* Plugins check for the gem init path (rails/init.rb) before the standard plugin init path (init.rb) [Jacek Becela]
* Wrapped Rails.env in StringInquirer so you can do Rails.env.development? [DHH]
* Fixed that RailsInfoController wasn't considering all requests local in development mode (Edgard Castro) [#310 state:resolved]
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