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<title>Welcome to Public WiFi</title>
<h1>Welcome to Public WiFi</h1>
$base_grant_url = urldecode($_GET['base_grant_url']);
$user_continue_url = urldecode($_GET['user_continue_url']);
$override_continue_url = '';
$override_the_users_request = false;
if ($override_the_users_request) {
$grant_url = $base_grant_url . "?continue_url=" . urlencode($override_continue_url);
} else {
$grant_url = $base_grant_url . "?continue_url=" . urlencode($user_continue_url);
// The following parameters may be used for tracking purposes. They are not necessary for authentication.
$node_id = urldecode($_GET['node_id']);
$gateway_id = urldecode($_GET['gateway_id']);
$client_ip = urldecode($_GET['client_ip']);
<p>Thank you for associating to Public WiFi. By continuing you agree to our terms of service.</p>
<a href="<?php print $grant_url ?>">Click here to continue to the internet</a>

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@rafaelkendy rafaelkendy commented Jul 9, 2015

Is this correct? Isn't it always going to be false?

$override_the_users_request = false;
if ($override_the_users_request) {



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@zacharyblank zacharyblank commented Jul 15, 2015

@rafaelkendy I believe it is just an example. You would want to code you own logic for that piece.


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@ssstofff ssstofff commented Nov 1, 2015

By clicking on the grant url, I go to a next page in the splash screen ... but white, nothing ... and the splash screens stays. Screenshot:

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