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Created Feb 28, 2014
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Why does Backspace go back a page?
How did this come about? Well, way back when Apple was down and out, and Microsoft was the only game in town...
picture of stock prices, Bill Gates the Devil, little old ladies trying not to break their computers, etc...
Short-sighted usability experts, Catbert, etc...
Is the standard default behavior too strongly established to reverse course?
Discussion on User Experience Theory about established features
and regressions and how designers finally choose to unstuck from stupid.
Examples of how this has happened in the past. etc...
Can we change it if we establish that no-one uses it?
(And how would we establish that?) Lay out a plan for establishing that people don't use it, in some way.
How to change, lay out a game plan for migrating a change in the default behavior.
1. Begin by giving users a choice to change the behavior from a settings menu.
2. Give users an option to select the behavior on install.
3. Switch the default when it becomes apparent that no-one wants this stupid behavior
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