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Created Mar 1, 2014

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class Module {
map<string, Code> exports;
// string = exported function name
// Code = actual code
list<Processes> processes;
// list of processes spawned using this module
class ModulePair {
Module old_module; // the old code, if any
Module new_module; // the current code
class Runtime {
map<string, ModulePair> mps;
// string = name of Module
// ModulePair = old + new module
Runtime myRuntime;
void compile(string module_name, string code) {
// kill all the the processes that are 3 generations old
list<Processes> zombies = myRuntime.mps[module_name].old_module.processes;
for(proc in zombiles) kill proc;
// replace the old module's code
myRuntime.mps[module_name].old_module = myRuntime.mps[module_name].new_module;
// link in the new module's new code
myRuntime.mps[module_name].new_module = ...(code)
// anytime we lookup something of the form
// foo:bar()
// we always look at the latest copy of foo
void lookup(string module_name, string func_name) {
return myRuntime.mps[module_name].new_module.exports[func_name]
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