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Created May 1, 2011
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#!/usr/bin/env python
def main():
maxSize = 4480
fileSizes = xrange(1,100)
# Time for dynamic programming
optimalResults = {}
lastStep = {}
# Line: from 0 .. maxSize
for containerSize in xrange(0, maxSize+1):
# Column: enumerate gives tuple of (index, file size)
for idx,fileSize in enumerate(fileSizes):
# We will index the "optimalResults" via tuples:
# The current cell
cellCurrent = (containerSize, idx)
# The cell on our left
cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent = (containerSize, idx-1)
# Does the file on column "idx" fit inside containerSize?
if containerSize<fileSize:
# the file in column idx doesn't fit in containerSize
# so copy optimal value from the cell on its left
optimalResults[cellCurrent] = optimalResults.get(cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent,0)
# Copy last step from cell on the left...
lastStep[cellCurrent] = lastStep.get(cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent,0)
# It fits!
# Using file of column "idx", the remaining space is...
remainingSpace = containerSize - fileSize
# and for that remaining space, the optimal result
# using the first idx-1 files has been found to be:
optimalResultOfRemainingSpace = optimalResults.get((remainingSpace, idx-1),0)
# so let's check: do we improve things by using "idx"?
if optimalResultOfRemainingSpace + fileSize > optimalResults.get(cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent,0):
# we improved the best result, store it!
optimalResults[cellCurrent] = optimalResultOfRemainingSpace + fileSize
# Store last step - i.e. using file "idx"
lastStep[cellCurrent] = fileSize
# no improvement by using "idx" - copy from left...
optimalResults[cellCurrent] = optimalResults[cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent]
# Copy last step from cell on the left...
lastStep[cellCurrent] = lastStep.get(cellOnTheLeftOfCurrent,0)
print "Attainable:", optimalResults[(maxSize, len(fileSizes)-1)]
# Navigate backwards... starting from the optimal result:
total = optimalResults[(maxSize, len(fileSizes)-1)]
while total>0:
# The last step we used to get to "total" was...
lastFileSize = lastStep[(total, len(fileSizes)-1)]
print total, "removing", lastFileSize
# And the one before the last step was... (loop)
total -= lastFileSize
if __name__ == "__main__":
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