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Created Mar 16, 2014

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nREPL server started on port 49403 on host
REPL-y 0.3.0
Clojure 1.3.0
Docs: (doc function-name-here)
(find-doc "part-of-name-here")
Source: (source function-name-here)
Javadoc: (javadoc java-object-or-class-here)
Exit: Control+D or (exit) or (quit)
Results: Stored in vars *1, *2, *3, an exception in *e
user=> (dev-server)
CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: dev-server in this context, compiling:(/private/var/folders/_p/hv91z3k17wdffzr7y1b5r9800000gn/T/form-init1289057145524209570.clj:1)
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