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Quick and dirty solution to "OCRing" the thread running data from a YourKit Java Profiler. Note that this is only designed to extract running / not running data, and contains a few constants that are probably only reasonable for my screen resolution (Retina MBP)... For original motivation, see…
from itertools import takewhile
from PIL import Image
def load_from_user():
img = None
while img is None:
f = raw_input('Image file? ')
img =, 'r'))
except Exception as e:
print('Unable to load image: %s. Please try again' % f, e)
img = None
return img
def input_int(prompt):
out = None
while out is None:
val = raw_input(prompt)
out = int(val)
out = None
return out
def load_pixel_stream(img, x, y):
image_bounds = img.getbbox()
bbox = (x, y, image_bounds[2], y + 1)
# Crop down to a single line of pixels
data = img.crop(bbox)
return data.getdata(band=1) # Get green band only
def threshold(iterable, thresh):
return [x > thresh for x in iterable]
def runlength(iterable):
curr = None
curr_count = 0
for x in iterable:
if x == curr:
curr_count += 1
elif curr_count > 0:
yield curr_count
curr_count = 1
curr = x
def ocr(raw_data):
cutoff = takewhile(lambda x: x > 0, raw_data)
return runlength(threshold(cutoff, 210))
def avg(px):
return sum(px) / len(px)
def sum(px):
return reduce(lambda x, y: x + y, px)
def seek_next_block(img, x, y):
max_y = img.getbbox()[3]
# Find the white
while y < max_y and avg(img.getpixel((x,y))) < 230:
y += 1
# Now find the colour
while y < max_y and avg(img.getpixel((x,y))) >= 230:
y += 1
return y
def print_row(iter):
l = list(iter)
fmt = ('{},' * len(l))[:-1]
def print_as_table(results):
keys = sorted(results.keys())
max_len = max(len(results[k]) for k in keys)
for i in xrange(0, max_len):
row = [results[k][i] if i < len(results[k]) else '' for k in keys]
if __name__ == '__main__':
img = load_from_user()
x = 500 # input_int('X offset? ')
y = 285 # input_int('Starting Y offset? ')
results = dict()
while y < img.getbbox()[3]:
raw_data = load_pixel_stream(img, x, y)
acc = 0
results[y] = list()
for length in ocr(raw_data):
if acc < 3200:
acc += length
if len(results[y]) == 0:
del results[y]
y = seek_next_block(img, x, y) + 5
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