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Created Aug 16, 2012
What would you like to do?
We have received your e-mail regarding the removal of your addons as listed on the WoWAce site provided. First and foremost we must assure that all addon ownership claims that come our way are authentic. In order to prevent false ownership (which are more common than you would believe) claims we must attempt to verify your ownership of the mentioned addons. Once ownership has been verified we can promptly remove your addon files (within the ten day limit as set by DMCA)from our site.
Our first step of action in the verification process is to compare the e-mail given above with the addon text files. In this case we were unable to find a matchable e-mail within these files. The e-mail found within these files was: In order to prove your ownership of these files we ask that you do one of two things:
Send an e-mail to me using, or if you can no longer access this e-mail, you may also copy a randomly generated code (found below) and add it to one of the addon pages hosted at Curse, WoWAce, or other other similar site. This code must be placed in an area on the selected addon page that is not accessible to the general public, such as the comments section, and is only be edited by the author of the addon. An example of such a location is the "Overview" section found on WoWAce Here is the randomly generated code that should be used:
Once the code has been added to the page please respond to this e-mail with a link to the addon page at Curse, WoWAce or other similar site, where the code can be viewed. Also with that e-mail include a list of any and all additional addons not listed above that are currently in your ownership so that these can also be removed. With the code in place, your ownership of the addon will be established and verification will be complete. At this time all addon files will be removed post-haste and you will receive a follow up e-mail stating such.
We would like to note that we understand your distress in this matter and offer our deepest apologies at any distress or inconvenience this may have caused you. We at World of Addons did make various attempts to contact addon authors, however, many authors do not have their e-mails listed visibly to the public, while others did not respond at all, and finally our attempts to contact authors using sites such as Curse, WoWInterface and the like to message authors were utterly blocked. If there is anything we at World of Addons can do to change your mind on this matter, please do not hesitate to let us know. From offering a helping hand with updates to various forms of compensation, we are willing to work with any and all addon authors to be able to reach an amicable agreement. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to have your addons hosted on our site.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and once again please accept our heartfelt apologies and wishes that one day soon we will see your addons hosted here at World of Addons.
Jason B
World of Addons Management Team
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