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# Copyright (c) 2015, Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Contributors
# License: GNU General Public License v3. See license.txt
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import frappe
from frappe.utils import cstr, cint, getdate
from frappe import msgprint, _
from calendar import monthrange
def execute(filters=None):
if not filters: filters = {}
conditions, filters = get_conditions(filters)
columns = get_columns(filters)
att_map = get_attendance_list(conditions, filters)
emp_map = get_employee_details()
data = []
for emp in sorted(att_map):
emp_det = emp_map.get(emp)
if not emp_det:
row = [emp, emp_det.employee_name, emp_det.branch, emp_det.department, emp_det.designation,]
total_p = total_a = 0.0
for day in range(filters["total_days_in_month"]):
status = att_map.get(emp).get(day + 1, "None")
status_map = {"Present": "P", "Absent": "A", "Half Day": "H", "None": ""}
if status == "Present":
total_p += 1
elif status == "Absent":
total_a += 1
elif status == "Half Day":
total_p += 0.5
total_a += 0.5
row += [total_p, total_a]
return columns, data
def get_columns(filters):
columns = [
_("Employee") + ":Link/Employee:120", _("Employee Name") + "::140", _("Branch")+ ":Link/Branch:120",
_("Department") + ":Link/Department:120", _("Designation") + ":Link/Designation:120",
_("Company") + ":Link/Company:120"
for day in range(filters["total_days_in_month"]):
columns.append(cstr(day+1) +"::20")
columns += [_("Total Present") + ":Float:80", _("Total Absent") + ":Float:80"]
return columns
def get_attendance_list(conditions, filters):
attendance_list = frappe.db.sql("""select employee, day(att_date) as day_of_month,
status from tabAttendance where docstatus = 1 %s order by employee, att_date""" %
conditions, filters, as_dict=1)
att_map = {}
for d in attendance_list:
att_map.setdefault(d.employee, frappe._dict()).setdefault(d.day_of_month, "")
att_map[d.employee][d.day_of_month] = d.status
return att_map
def get_conditions(filters):
if not (filters.get("month") and filters.get("year")):
msgprint(_("Please select month and year"), raise_exception=1)
filters["month"] = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov",
"Dec"].index(filters.month) + 1
filters["total_days_in_month"] = monthrange(cint(filters.year), filters.month)[1]
conditions = " and month(att_date) = %(month)s and year(att_date) = %(year)s"
if filters.get("company"): conditions += " and company = %(company)s"
if filters.get("employee"): conditions += " and employee = %(employee)s"
return conditions, filters
def get_employee_details():
emp_map = frappe._dict()
for d in frappe.db.sql("""select name, employee_name, designation,
department, branch, company
from tabEmployee""", as_dict=1):
emp_map.setdefault(, d)
return emp_map
def get_attendance_years():
year_list = frappe.db.sql_list("""select distinct YEAR(att_date) from tabAttendance ORDER BY YEAR(att_date) DESC""")
if not year_list:
year_list = [getdate().year]
return "\n".join(str(year) for year in year_list)
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