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val postIDTags = postsXML.flatMap { line =>
// Matches Id="..." ... Tags="..." in line
val idTagRegex = "Id=\"(\\d+)\".+Tags=\"([^\"]+)\"".r
// // Finds tags like <TAG> value from above
val tagRegex = "&lt;([^&]+)&gt;".r
// Yields 0 or 1 matches:
idTagRegex.findFirstMatchIn(line) match {
// No match -- not a line
case None => None
// Match, and can extract ID and tags from m
case Some(m) => {
val postID =
val tagsString =
// Pick out just TAG matching group
val tags = tagRegex.findAllMatchIn(tagsString).map(
// Keep only question with at least 4 tags, and map to (post,tag) tuples
if (tags.size >= 4),_)) else None
// Because of flatMap, individual lists will concatenate
// into one collection of tuples
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