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Created Apr 11, 2017

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from cv.bow import BoWEngine
from scipy.spatial.distance import cosine
import cv2
engine = BoWEngine(
kmeans_library = 'faiss',
dictionary_size = 10000,
dictionary_path = './out/dict-kmcuda-10k',
# Slow! Could speed up with faiss knn index with k = 2 to get 2nd closest
def ubcmatch(f1, f2):
matches = []
threshold = 1.5
for desc1 in f1:
closest_match_distance = float('inf')
second_closest_match_distance = float('inf')
best_match = None
for desc2 in f2:
distance = cosine(desc1, desc2)
if distance < closest_match_distance:
second_closest_match_distance = closest_match_distance
closest_match_distance = distance
best_match = desc2
if best_match is None:
above_second_best_match = threshold * closest_match_distance < second_closest_match_distance
if best_match is not None and above_second_best_match:
matches.append([desc1, best_match, closest_match_distance])
return matches
# feature by feature
def ubc_dist(p1, p2):
im1 = cv2.imread(p1)
im2 = cv2.imread(p2)
f1 = engine.extract_features(im1)
f2 = engine.extract_features(im2)
matches = ubcmatch(f1, f2)
d = 1 - (len(matches) / len(f1))
print('ubc_dist(%s, %s) = %.3f' % (p1, p2, d))
return d
# with bag of words
def bow_dist(p1, p2):
im1 = cv2.imread(p1)
im2 = cv2.imread(p2)
b1 = engine.get_bow_vector(im1)
b2 = engine.get_bow_vector(im2)
d = cosine(b1, b2)
print('bow_dist(%s, %s) = %.3f' % (p1, p2, d))
return d
ubc_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna.jpg')
ubc_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './datasets/flickr25k/im10055.jpg')
# Why is lenna-cropped more similar to lenna than lenna-smaller?
ubc_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna-smaller.jpg')
ubc_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna-cropped.jpg')
bow_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna.jpg')
bow_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './datasets/flickr25k/im10055.jpg')
# Why is lenna-cropped more similar to lenna than lenna-smaller?
bow_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna-smaller.jpg')
bow_dist('./images/lenna.jpg', './images/lenna-cropped.jpg')
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