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Created Mar 16, 2017

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from scapy.all import *
from collections import deque
def print_attack_measure(pcap_file):
plist = rdpcap(pcap_file)
server_ip = ""
n = 300
d = deque(maxlen=n)
# If you want source/destination IP addresses
getsrcdst = lambda x:(x.src,x.dst)
# If you want MAC addresses
getmacs = lambda x:(x.addr1, x.addr2, x.addr3)
def filterpackets(ip):
for p in plist:
c = getsrcdst(p)
if(ip in c[0]):
# server IP is source IP of packet
yield -1
if(ip in c[1]):
# server IP is destination IP of packet
yield 1
except AttributeError:
print("This prints a measure of packets received to packets sent, using a moving average of %d packets."%(n))
print("0 indicates a perfect balance of sent-received.")
print("+1 indicates all packets are sent to the server.")
print("-1 indicates all packets are sent by the server.")
print("A larger positive number indicates an unresponsive server.")
count = 0
for pack in filterpackets(server_ip):
count += 1
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