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The Israel Defense Forces
Order Regarding Orders in Judea and Samaria (v. 378)
The shabibisarsen
The hint of a)
By virtue of my authority as commander of IDF forces in the region and in accordance with the provisions of the Order Regarding Defense Regulations
And Judea and Samaria (and the number of Viviu, the end-of-end, gave up my powers cheap by law and erasure
Security, and Whereas I believe that this is necessary for the security of the region, the existence of proper administration
Public Uhzazar, 'I declare that': '
Settings for and. In the declaration, W.
"Israelis are residents of Israel, those who live in the area and are Israeli guests
Or that he is entitled to cross into Israel under the Law of Return, the requisitioning of the land, as valid
In Israel, as well as a person who is not a resident of the Area, and has a valid entry visa to Israel;
"Area A Evi C" as defined in the Interpretation of Judea and Samaria (No.
Oh, the darkness! 1967.
Close Area 2. The area is a closed area.
(B) An Israeli shall not enter or remain in the closed area.
An Israeli goo, which is in the closed area, must leave Mbu immediately.
Restrictions 3. This declaration shall not apply to Shadow N.
) Or a soldier, a policeman, and anyone in the lair of the security forces in the framework of filling
Including a person to be examined for a written permit for this by the shadow or hands of a qualified boy
Shadow by.
Validity of validity 4. (a) The declaration shall enter into force on the date of its signature.
In which there is nothing wrong with the provisions of subsection (a) and (e)
A policeman or a competent authority with a shadow in my hand, and instructions are coordinated
The declaration shall be deemed to have been made by virtue of a foreign declaration and shall have such effect
In the declaration.
And on Tishrei in Cheshvan
On October 5, 2000, Yitzhak Itamar,
The commander of the IDF forces
Judea and Samaria Area
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