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Created Apr 12, 2017
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location data writing
# words.json from here:
# LocationHistory.json from my personal Google Timeline data
import json
words_file = open("words.json").read()
location_file = open("LocationHistory.json").read()
words = json.loads(words_file)
raw_locations = json.loads(location_file)
locations = raw_locations["locations"]
maximum = len(words)
punctuation = [".", "!", "?"]
punct_index = 0
code_numbers = []
for location in locations:
new_nums = []
for key in location:
nums = list(str(location[key]))
final = []
for number in code_numbers:
while number > maximum:
number = number - maximum
if number % 10 == 0:
if punct_index > len(punctuation)-1:
punct_index = 0
punct_index = punct_index + 1
if number % 8 == 0 and number % 10 != 0:
joined = " ".join(final)
joined = joined.replace(" ?", "?").replace(" .", ".").replace(" !", "!").replace(" ,", ",").replace("\n ", "\n")
print joined.encode('utf-8')
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